Docsoft IT Consultancy Services


Docsoft IT have a full range of low cost printer and fax ink and toner cartridges available. All printer and fax machine manufacturers rely heavily on the consumables sales to compensate for the low initial printer and fax prices. We often hear the cost of replacing the ink and toner cartridges, is more than the cost of replacing the printer or fax.

A cheaper alternative is available, by replacing expensive manufacturers ink and toner cartridges with cheaper compatible and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges. High quality remanufactured laser drum imaging units, are available to further reduce printer running costs. Docsoft IT do not believe that print quality should ever be compromised and we only use high quality suppliers, with strict quality control procedures.

  • High quality prints.
  • Reduced printing costs.
  • Large capacity ink and toner volumes, often as standard.

Low cost compatible and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges are widely available, but price and print quality can vary greatly. Often low cost inks and toners have a very high failure rate. Many imported inks and toner cartridges have poor or no quality control and this can results in varying print quality and an unreliable product. We only sell premier high quality ink and toner cartridges, you shouldn't notice any difference with print quality and more importantly neither should your customers. Lots of repeat customers have already started saving money, so give it a try. Contact Docsoft IT today....